A Pot Full Of Hot Blues

Remixed electric and acoustic tracks taken from "Makin' Our Own Arrangements", "Drive On", and "Bottlenecks And Beyond".

Thanks to all our loyal supporters for being there rain or shine - hope you enjoy!

Our special thanks to Martyn, Noel, Dick and Sam.
(1) Blue Light Boogie : Louis Jordan (11) Roosevelt & Ira Lee : Tony Joe White
(2) That's What You Do To Me: Jnr. Watson (12) Papa's On The House Top : Tampa Red
(3) Help Me : Sonny Boy 2 (13) Rooster Blues : Anon - arr Hoggie
(4) Stormy Monday : T-Bone Walker (14) Come Into My Kitchen : Robert Johnson
(5) Rollin' & Tumblin' : Robinson (15) Money Honey : Jessie Stone
(6) Gardenia Lady : Gill Hogman (16) Wining Boy : Jelly Roll Morton
(7) Walking By Myself : Jimmy Rogers (17) Women Be Wise : Sippi Wallace
(8) Five Long Years : Eddie Boyd (18) Messin' With The Kid : Jnr. Walker
(9) Raining In My Heart : Slim Harpo (19) Hey Bartender : Terry
(10 Richland Woman : John Hurt (20) At The Dark End Of The Street : Dan Penn

Hoggie and the Sharpetones
March 2016
Pete and Gill Hogman will be taking a well-earned rest from the band whilst they decide how they will continue to pursue their love of live music performance. The band will continue to fulfil gig commitments as the Sharpetones, inviting various guests, such as Roger Burrows on sax and harmonica and Dave Packer on guitar and vocals, to join them. All band members, past and present, feel privileged to have worked alongside Pete and Gill, whose contribution to blues music on the Isle of Wight is unparalleled.

Hoggie and the Sharpetones - a brief history

Hoggie and the Sharpetones is the latest incarnation of a long line of blues bands fronted by harmonica ace Pete Hogman and his vocalist wife Gill.

Pete was in The Five Dimensions in the 60's. They backed Chuck Berry on a UK tour, and Pete played harmonica on various PJ Proby tracks, as well as the solo on Millie's hit "My Boy Lollipop", and he and Gill were in The Calico Band, Pete playing guitar and mandolin, and Gill playing guitar and banjo.

Guitarist Brian Sharpe is well known on the Island for his contributions to the Cherokees, Sharpe & Betchley, and Blue Moon, all with the late Graham Betchley.

Drummer on “Drive On”, Martin White, at whose Combley studio the CD was recorded, is a successful songwriter, with his own CD "Another Time, Another Place" to his credit. Because of other commitments, he has been replaced by either Frank Kelly or our first drummer, Glyn Taylor, although we often work without a drummer these days.

Brad Martin is now a permanent fixture on bass.

The band plays an eclectic mix of material, ranging from early delta blues, through Chicago blues, swing, folk, gospel, rhythm & blues, and even some rock and roll. On “Drive On”, there are numbers written by Pete, Gill, Brian and Martin, who wrote the title track "Drive On". The use of three-part vocal harmony differentiates the Hoggies from many other blues bands.

On “Bottlenecks, Banjos and Beyond”, we dug out our old acoustic instruments and recorded live (no overdubs allowed) in Rupert Brown’s Stingray Studios in Ryde. The resulting CD has a laid back, old time feel about it which enhances the choice of material. Listen out for “Gardenia Lady”, written by Gill Hogman.

The name? Blame Pete. He made it up on the spur of the moment at a gig. Trips off the tongue, though, doesn't it?

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2016 Gig List -

January 2016
16 Dairymans Daughter Arreton
29 Bargemans Rest Newport
20 Dairymans Daughter Arreton
4 Spyglass Ventnor
11 Bargemans Rest Newport
19 Dairymans Daughter Arreton
1 Spyglass Ventnor
6 Spyglass Ventnor
21 Dairymans Daughter Arreton
27 Bargemans Rest Newport
3 Spyglass Ventnor
18 Dairymans Daughter Arreton
1 Spyglass Ventnor
16 Dairymans Daughter Arreton
22 Bargemans Rest Newport
5 Spyglass Ventnor
27 Dairymans Daughter Arreton
2 Spyglass Ventnor
17 Dairymans Daughter Arreton
23 Bargemans Rest Newport
7 Spyglass Ventnor
22 Dairymans Daughter Arreton
4 Spyglass Ventnor
11 Bargemans Rest Newport
19 Dairymans Daughter Arreton
2 Spyglass Ventnor
17 Dairymans Daughter Arreton